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EXQUIS is the premier distributor of quality automotive aftermarket parts. With 15 years of automotive experience under our belt, we are fueled by passion and the goal of never ending self-expression. This is backed by our quality service and quality performance automotive parts. As a company we are always seeking new and innovative products to add to our catalog. We do not take short cuts. Instead we aim to please by taking the road less traveled.

EIBACH Coilover Race Spring | 7" Length / 2.5" I.D.


Eibach produces the finest racecar springs in the world. Period. When other springs sag, or need frequent replacement, top race teams, from F1 to WRC, from Le Mans to NASCAR, inevitably turn to Eibach. And, also inevitably, wonder why they didn’t choose Eibach in the first place.

To produce springs with unparalleled precision and repeatability, Eibach uses the world’s finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances–according to Eibach specs.

EIBACH Coilover Race Spring | 7" Length / 2.5" I.D.


EIBACH Coilover Race Spring | 7" Length / 2.5" I.D.

76.00 95.00

Eibach Coilover Springs Available in a Full Range of Rates and Sizes

Maximum Travel in Combination with Smallest Block Heights

Ultra-Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass

Each Spring Individually Tested

*Springs Sold Individually*

Spring Rate (lbs./Inch):
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