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EXQUIS is the premier distributor of quality automotive aftermarket parts. With 15 years of automotive experience under our belt, we are fueled by passion and the goal of never ending self-expression. This is backed by our quality service and quality performance automotive parts. As a company we are always seeking new and innovative products to add to our catalog. We do not take short cuts. Instead we aim to please by taking the road less traveled.

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How do I know that my wheels will clear the Alcon Superkit for the Nissan GT-R?

Wheel clearance really depends on the design and size of the specific wheels that are fitted on the vehicle. One MUST check brake clearance always before purchasing the Alcon Superkit to ensure that the wheels will clear the brakes. Caliper templates and technical assistance is available to assist in confirming clearance, or the caliper template can be usually submitted to the wheel manufacturer to confirm clearance.

Why is the Alcon Superkit so expensive?

The street and race versions of the Alcon Superkit are designed from scratch to offer the best brake performance for the Nissan GT-R (R35). The Alcon Superkit comprises of highly specialized Alcon Motorsport components which are engineered specifically for the Nissan GT-R using years of Motorsport development and experience.

Does the Alcon Superkit maintain the proper brake balance of the car with stock master cylinder and ABS?’

The Alcon Superkits (Street and Race versions) both maintain the ideal brake balance of the Nissan GT-R and are engineered to work with the factory ABS, Master cylinder and hydraulic systems.

What pad shape does the Alcon Superkit use, and are replacement pads readily available?

It is recommended to use the Pagid 8011 pad shape in the front, and the Pagid 8050 pad shape in the rear for the Nissan GT-R Alcon Superkit brake calipers. Most racing pad manufacturers do offer race materials for the Alcon Superkit systems.

What comes in the box if an Alcon Superkit is purchased, and is anything additional needed for a proper install?

All Alcon Superkits come with brake calipers, assembled 2-piece upgraded Alcon Motorsport discs, brake lines and pads. The only extra thing which might be needed is brake fluid to bleed the brakes thoroughly after installing the components.

Does the Alcon Superkit brake upgrade fit all Nissan GT-R models from 2007 to current?

The Alcon Superkit fits all models of Nissan GT-R (R35) regardless of the production year.

What is different about the Alcon Superkit versus all the other brake upgrades available for the R35 GT-R, and why should I choose Alcon product?

The Alcon Superkit brake upgrades for the GT-R are one of the few complete front and rear brake upgrades for the Nissan GT-R with extensive in house testing by Alcon in the UK. Alcon is one of the few brake suppliers in the market with the technology, Motorsport brake experience, and overall capabilities to do proper brake development, bench and road testing to deliver the best performing and most reliable brake systems possible. Since brakes are also a major safety component on the street and racetrack, investing in reliable equipment will also offer a certain piece of mind when pushing the performance limits of any vehicle.

How much improvement in brake performance and longevity will I see if I switch from stock brake components (calipers, OE or upgraded rotors) to the Alcon Superkit brake upgrade?

The overall life and wear of high performance brake components are greatly influenced by many outside factors such as: the driver’s braking style, modifications to the vehicle, overall downforce / grip, brake pad choice, among many others. The Alcon  Superkit upgrades for the Nissan R35 GT-R have been engineered to offer improvements across the board in regards to overall brake performance, pedal feel, modulation, and
component (brake discs/pads) longevity compared to the OE brakes found on the Nissan GT-R.

Do I need to bleed my brakes after installing the Alcon Superkit?

It is mandatory to do a proper flush and bleed of the brake system when upgrading from the OE brake system to an Alcon Superkit brake system. The brake flush and bleed procedure varies from vehicle to vehicle, so please verify the specific procedure for the intended application in advance.

What are the torque specifications for the Alcon caliper mounting studs (2 per caliper)?

The Alcon caliper studs should be torqued to 80 ft lbs or snugly hand tightened using the correct tools and equipment. If possible, all Alcon Superkit installations should be done by a professional or an official dealer of Alcon products.

What are the torque specifications and installation instructions for the Alcon Motorsport disc hardware?

There are specific instructions and torque specifications for installing Alcon Motorsport disc hardware. Please see the attached disc installation PDF for complete details and instructions.

Do Alcon Motorsport calipers need to be serviced and how frequent are the service intervals?

All Motorsport or high performance calipers do need inspection at regular intervals to make sure that there is no leakage from the caliper seals or worn components which could lead to inconsistent performance or safety issues. We recommend inspecting he calipers every 6000 km and replacing any worn components if signs of severe wear is detected (Example: Leaking seals, damaged bleeders, stripped bolts). Proactive inspection and service of high performance brake components, especially under track or race use, will lead to maximum life and performance from the Alcon Superkits.

What is the main difference between the Alcon Superkit “Street” and “Race” versions?

The Alcon “Street” and “Race” versions of the Superkit have a few important differences.

- Alcon “Street” Superkit calipers use a painted finish, and the “Race” Superkit calipers use a specific ENP (Electroless Nickel Plating) finish.

-Alcon “Street” Superkit systems use semi-floating disc hardware, while “Race” Superkit systems use full-floating disc hardware.

-Alcon “Street” Superkit discs use a “C Groove” slot pattern to optimize performance on the street while maintaining low NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) characteristics.

-Alcon “Race” Superkit discs use a “S Groove” slot pattern to offer the highest bite and performance on the circuit.

-Alcon “Street” Superkit systems feature a Pagid RS9-2 brake pad to offer good all around performance while Alcon“Race” Superkit systems feature a Pagid RS29 Motorsport use endurance pad for maximum bite, longevity and heat resistance.